6 Places in Pennsylvania You Have to See Before You Die

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with lots of history. Whether you live in this state or you want to travel here for a vacation, these places should top your bucket list of things to see before you die.

City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is steeped in rich history and impressive sites. Start your day by checking out Reading Terminal Market, an indoor market where you can get delicious food and shop for local goods. Head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and climb the steps made famous in the movie “Rocky.” See the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to soak up the city’s rich history. Don’t forget to get a legendary Philly Cheese Steak for dinner as well.

Bushkill Falls

Bushkill Falls is well-known as the Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania. These falls are located in the stunning Pocono Mountains, where you could spend weeks and never get bored. Take the easy 15-minute hike or the more extensive two-hour hike to see the gorgeous falls. Check out hotels in the Pocono Mountains to put yourself near the different trailhead to hike to these stunning waterfalls.

Boxcar Rocks

Also known as High Rocks or The Chinese Wall, the¬†Boxcar Rocks are made up of rocks dating back 300 million years. The quartzite pebbles make up the remarkable formation that draws visitors from all over. Enjoy the hike, climb the formations, or just take a selfie with Pennsylvania’s natural wonder.

Meadow Run Natural Waterslide

Flat sheets of sandstone that are hundreds of millions of years old make up a natural waterslide in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. It’s made headlines in magazines as one of the best swimming holes and natural waterslides in the United States. It’s an easy hike to get to the slide, but just be careful going down the slide because there isn’t a lifeguard, and small bumps aren’t uncommon on this natural slide.

Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Museum

Take a ride back through history at the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine Museum. During your visit, you can go on a scenic ride on a steam locomotive. Pioneer Tunnel is a horizontal mine that travels 1800 feet into the side of Mahanoy Mountain. On the tour, you will get to learn about how coal is mined and the significance of the industry in Pennsylvania.

Amish Country

Enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of the Pennsylvania Amish in Lancaster County, the oldest Amish settlement in the United States. Experience life like the Amish by taking a buggy ride. Take the five-mile tour to see all the windmills and covered bridges in the area. Shop for handmade Amish goods, and eat a traditional Amish meal. You can also visit the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society and learn more about the genealogy and German influence in the area.

Pennsylvania is made up of big cities and rural areas alike. It’s hard to believe that just outside of the major cities you can find beautiful rock formations and waterfalls. You should experience both city and country life by seeing all the wonders of this state.